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Founded in 2010 and based in Hosur, Tamilnadu, JP Group of Companies are diversified conglomerate with businesses in Ecommerce, API services, Insurance aggregator, Technology services, Hollow Blocks/Brick manufacturing, Agro Farms and a multipurpose retail portal.

The Retail Portal Company has more than 2.5 lakhs(As on March, 2019) users and is growing exponentially on a daily basis and also gaining foothold in other part of south India.

Currently the Group has 250+ Employees ranging from management to customer Support in every divisions.


Dr. Y. John Petter


We are pleased to have you as part of the working team at JPG. Our business units and corporate support functions all work together to produce good results for the entire JPG.

As we start a new phase of our journey together, I wanted to share few things and what inspires and motivates me.

Yes, Every one is not born with Talent, but by helping each other, everyone becomes talented and self motivated.

Only Self motivated person will have possitive energy, which will enable him to reach his destination in expected time. So i wish everyone to work together as a team and achieve your goals.

Wish you all the very best in nearing future.

Love and Regards
Dr.Y. John Petter

Bricks Bricks

Blocks and Bricks manufacturing

Strong and quality bricks suitable for all types of construction purposes.

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Flowers Export

Flowers are the highly perishable items. Therefore, the flower demands a high-quality post harvest management,...

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Products Selling

Selling is the art of matching product benefits with customer needs or desires. Sell your businesses offerings by communicating...

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All Insurance and Policy Renewal

We stay awake and alive because Insurance helps families in financial distress, during the times of death, disability, disease, and accidents,...

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Software Solutions and Support

We provide complete life cycle implementation services across core utility systems, including consulting, system analysis...

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All recharges, EB Bill payment and Booking

We provide all kinds of recharges, EB Bill payment and Booking

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We provide all kinds of services

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We recognize that poverty has no borders. Neither does excellence. We are continually in search of the brightest, most talented individuals from around the globe.


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Construction World
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JPG believes that a well-trained and efficient workforce is crucial for the development of the construction industry. In line with this thought a recent venture by JPG is a skill development school for construction workers named JP GROUPS located at HOSUR has been in field Since 2010 . We provide training for Unskilled and semi-skilled workers can enroll themselves and both offsite and onsite training will be provided to them.

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JPG believes, For any society or an organization to become strong and stable, the bottom of the ‘Pyramid’ has to be strong. The dignity of individuals at every level ought to be respected. This is the philosophy our Founder Dr. Y. John Petter who has taught us and expected us to ensure. We have started this initiative honoring the principles and ensure of our visionary founder

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JP Groups have a strong commitment towards the safety of the people it interacts and has dealings with and, hence, we take extreme precaution with every piece of infrastructure we build. We believe in possibilities. Every JPG initiative hopes to empower the lives of the people connected to it. The progress of our people powers the progress of our company.

Office Address :

No.4 Srivari Towers 1st Floor,Kanmaraj Colony 2nd Cross,Hosur -635 109
+91 87549 60665